Please help Fleetwood twins

We met Fleetwood Mum Catherine who posted this message on her Facebook about her 13 year old autistic twin boys Costa & Artie.

"I never ask for anything but today I need help. My beautiful boys turn 13 on Friday and are super excited. 

They've been wanting a party and I've managed to put them off because I know they haven't got any friends to invite.

So we are off out for the day go karting with one friend each (don't think they'll turn up) anyway ....

You might think I'm stupid putting this on here but I'm only asking friends

Autism at 7 makes no difference, children play.

Autism at 13 is horrible, no friends, get bullied on a daily basis, you see the excitement dulling as other people drag their ideas through the mud, children are cruel, my boys are cruel, I'm cruel, I expect too much from them which always leaves me disappointed and I blame them for every family party we have to leave, for every shopping trip that we have to abandon, for every tram we are asked to get off. Autism is horrible, all the hopes and dreams you first had for your child are never going to materialise, every day I find it a challenge but everyday always ends with a kiss and an I love you as the problems of the day melts away from them.

So this is me asking for help, I'm asking if my friends who don't normally send them a card could please send them one - just a card no present no money.

Would just like them to have loads of cards to open on the day, it's their 13th and they are excited like they should be and I don't want it to be a complete let down"


So we decided to get the whole Fylde Coast involved! The boys are 13 on Friday, so we’d like you to send us a birthday card to Radio Wave & we’ll drop them off after tomorrow’s breakfast show!

Drop a card to us here on Mowbray Drive and we will get them to Costa and Artie and make sure they have a birthday to remember!

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