Rush - LeftCoast

Are you ready to experience the power of RUSH?

Set against an icon of Blackpool’s skyline RUSH is an extraordinary outdoor dance spectacular telling the stories that matter to Blackpool and Wyre residents in a huge release of energy and creativity.

A community cast of 100 residents will perform with a world-class professional dance company alongside the professional dancers and production team in RUSH. This production is a one-off experience of dance, light, projections and film, exploring both local and global issues to an urban soundtrack.

RUSH develops into a celebration, after you’ve experienced RUSH in Blackpool you will leave with a sense of exhilaration knowing that the power to change things lies within our communities - Blackpool always keeping the lights on.

RUSH will be on night two of the Lightpool Festival on October 26 2018

Set on the site of the former police station on Bonny Street, see this Blackpool landmark in a whole new light. The police tower will be transformed and dancers will take over the space in an explosion of movement and music.


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