Sun Savers - Clear Out And Clean Up

COULD you clear out and clean up?

John Lewis recently revealed that they’ve seen record sales of ‘decluttering essentials’ this month, with some storage sales up by 16%.

But making more space could mean making a saving...

Bedroom. You have to make an even bigger mess before you can tidy your bedroom up. Pile clothes, shoes and anything else hanging about and sort through into “keep”, “charity” and “recycle” piles. Then, if you have things you want but don’t have enough room for, invest in some under bed storage Wilko sells a handy Underbed Box for just £3 - a saving compared to IKEA’s £7 version.

Bathroom. Clear out any old toiletries - they can take up a lot of space and accumulate germs. Did you know that many cosmetic companies, including Lush offer a recycling service for old empty tubes and tubs that usually cost at least £7.95? If you return five clean, used Lush black pots to store, you'll get a free, fresh face mask in return.
SAVING: £7.95

Kitchen. If you have tins or old packets of food that are still unused, get rid and help others by downloading an app like Olio, where you can list anything you don’t need and someone who does need it could pick it up. Got a blender and a food processor? You could sell each for around £20 on Gumtree and then pick up one multi-functional item like a Nutribullet. I found one for £15, when it’s £39.99 new on Amazon.
SAVING: £24.99

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