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Monday evening I went along to Poulton YMCA for the Aqua Aerobics class. I have never done aerobics in my life, but remember my mum watching aerobic video's and the woman in green lycra from my childhood on breakfast telly. Aerobics looks very energetic, so was thinking adding water would make it hard. But anyway I was looking forward to it.

When I arrived there were five women and me for the class, but I didn't feel out of place or unwelcome, which put me at ease right away. then straight onto the aqua aerobics. There was a lot of marching and pushing water about and I found it easy. Somewhat relaxing too. About half way into it I noticed I was breathing heavier and a few muscles were getting tired, so realised I was doing a workout! The instructor was very encouraging and pushed us all hard. Some of the exercises really got some muscles I never knew about working hard, especially in the arms and legs.

Overall I really enjoyed the class and will more than likely go again. But for the rest of the week I have the gym on Wednesday and then Swim-fit of Friday. 

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