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Alan's First Blog

My name is Alan. I have lived in Blackpool for a huge chunk of my life. Originally from Glasgow and have travelled a lot in my youth, lived in America, Botswana, Brazil, Russia to name a few places. Settled at school in Fleetwood and then never left Blackpool. I have never been a very active person, I used to play rugby for my school team and football with friends, but after school I have rarely done any form of exercise. So after all the years have piled on the pounds. I have 4 kids, 3 girls (ages 9, 10, 14) and a son of 2. Just before my son was born my daughters asked me to stop smoking, which I had been doing for 20 years. So we set a date on the day my son was to come home. The weeks leading up to the birth I cut down and had help from smoking ceasation and gave up the morning I was able to bring him home. It was hard at first but 2 years later I still haven't had a cigarette. I also feel good about that fact. So this brings me onto getting involved with Radio Wave's and YMCA's Fit Club. My son is very energetic and I would love to be able to chase after him all day long, kick a ball around a field for hours, go on a long bike ride.

Things like that, but feel in my current state of fitness I would let him down.

I heard the advert on the radio about it and as myself and my wife were starting a diet for the new year I decided this is just the boost and incentive I need to conquer my next challenge. I currently weigh in at around 19st, which I know is not a healthy weight. Ideally I would love to lose around 5st in total, more would be great but realistically a weight lose of around 2-3st in the first 6 months would be amazing and probably achievable.  Now not being of the exercising type of person I wouldn't have a clue where to go about starting with exercise, so this opportunity is perfect for me as I will be able to find something I enjoy doing and that works for me. Therefore making me stick with it. I am really pumped up for this and think if I gave up smoking relatively easily after 20 years I can shift 20 years of excess body weight.

Having looked at what is on offer at the YMCA, I feel like a little child on Christmas morning again, I want to try everything, but don't know which to use first. I am also feeling nervous as this will be a huge challenge for me. But feel that at the end of it I will feel better in myself, have more energy and be able to fit into some of my old clothes which are gathering dust in my wardrobe, which I also want to be able to get back into as some of them I really like! But most importantly of all I want to live to a ripe old age and watch my kids grow up and have kids of their own. 


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