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Thursday evening I went along to the spinning class at Poulton YMCA. As I said before I had never done spinning before and was looking forward to it. 

I have rode bikes since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so thought it would be fairly easy for me. I met with Justin and he went over everything with me. 

He also advised me to keep my legs spinning at all times to prevent a rush of blood to my head and making me dizzy and sick. A great introduction to spinning that would be! I was on a bike next to some advanced spinners and was told if I needed any help to ask them for guidance. The class was very welcoming and I liked how you can go at your own pace. There was a few times when I felt a bit dizzy and disorientated, but think that is because I went in all guns blazing and probably pushed myself too much. But I slowed down then and remembered to breath! By the end of the class I was pouring with sweat, very much out of breath and had very tired calf muscles, which did make the trip downstairs tricky. But I enjoyed the class and will probably go again, once I have improved my fitness a bit more as it is a very intense workout. Probably burned around 600 calories for the session and felt really proud that I had lasted the whole session as there were times I was close to stopping the bike for a breather. Calf muscles still a bit tender the day after but it is wearing off.

Next up Aqua Aerobics, now I am really looking forward to this as I love swimming and being in the water.

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