Alan's Third Blog

Two sessions down the gym under the belt this week already. 

At the moment I am really enjoying the workouts at the gym, the stiffness has gone and I am pushing myself harder with each visit. I feel great in myself and am really pleased with my progress. I honestly thought I would struggle, not just with the workouts but having the motivation to get up off the sofa and go to the gym. But I must admit I find it the opposite. 

I will be at work or at home and thinking about my next gym session.....how many laps on the bike can I manage next time? How far can I go on the treadmill? How long will I last on the cross trainer? What weights will I manage on the chest press and lateral pulls? Each time I have been to the gym I have tried to increase my workout, whether it be increasing the resistance of the machines, increase the time on them or adding more incline. I never thought I would hear myself say that I think I am addicted to the gym and the way I feel after a good workout.

Hopefully tomorrow (Thursday) I will be doing a spinning class. I have never done one before. Only knowledge I have of spinning is from the film Run Fatboy Run, where he does the class then falls down the stairs! I have been reassured though that I can take the class at my own leisure, I can make it as intense as I want. So looking forward to it. 

Then on Friday I have planned on swimming, going to take my 2 year old son for a swim, and will manage some laps of the pool and then relaxing and letting the muscles soak! 

Then next week going to try my hand at aqua aerobics. I have always enjoyed swimming and used to swim since I was 6. I even swam for my school, but since having kids have never managed to go swimming properly as we have always had to keep eye on the kids. So can't wait.