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Body Combat- Poulton YMCA Monday 6:45pm

I had never done body combat before and wasn't quite sure what it involved. I was told that it was a lot of boxing moves and kicking and to be honest I wasn't sure if it would be my thing (I thought it sounded a bit manly.) Anyway got to the class and met up with Claire, who had previously helped me with a gym session so I knew her and she told me it was a fun class and I would enjoy it so I was quite looking forward to giving it a go, it was also good to see there was a really mixture of people taking part; men, women, some older ladies and even a child!

The pumping music got going and as the tempo of the tunes built up so did out boxing moves. Claire was great, she really got us all going and did every move with us so we could copy, while shouting out inspirational and motivating words. She also explained about the technique we should be doing. The moves were quite simple but effective and really got the heart pumping!

It was a great class and I can feel aching in my arms today so I know I've done something!

Next up is Legs, Bums and Tums tonight at Lytham!

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