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Helen's Final Blog

Last but not least……….Ab Attack at Thornton YMCA, Friday 9am: 

This class was only half an hour…but that’s because you wouldn't survive if it was any longer!!!!!

It was hard work, intense, painful but really effective!!!

As we were doing sit ups, press ups, leg raises etc. on our exercise balls I could really feel my stomach muscles working. Joanne the instructor was great, she talked us all through it and shouted out nice motivational phrases to keep us all going! Using the exercise balls really helped the stomach exercises seem less painful (and made it abit more fun too!)

It was another full class and there was people of all ages there, men and women!

Another class successfully attempted and I really enjoyed it (despite the agony) and will definitely be trying it out again!

The past 3 weeks of the Y: Active programme has been thoroughly enjoyable and really useful. It’s been great trying out new exercises that I've never attempted before and the staff have really helped.

Thanks for all your help… I'm off to rest my bones now after 4 classes this week!!!!

Helen x

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