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Helen's First Blog

Day 1: Fitness consultation.

I went to Poulton YMCA and was greeted by Claire who took me through my fitness consultation. I was immediately given such a warm welcome and Claire explained how the YMCA works, what kind of classes are available etc.

She then carried out my fitness consultation and we talked together about my own personal fitness and what I want to get out of the programme, she was really knowledgable, put me at ease straight away and offered great advice.

We then had to take some pictures for my online blog of me trying out various pieces of equipment. This was a great chance to get a quick look at the gym and the equipment that’s available. Claire then booked me in for a gym induction which I have tomorrow morning (Wednesday) before my Zumba class.

After seeing the gym and being given the class schedule I’m really looking forward to getting started and trying it all out