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Week 3- Tuesday: Legs Bums and Tums at Lytham.

 I was expecting this to be a nice gentle class for us ladies…how wrong I was!!!

The collection of squats, lunges and leg lifts were torture! (almost brought tears to my eyes!) but in the best way possible! You could feel every muscle that you were working and immediately felt that everything was toning up before your eyes!

Hannah the instructor was brilliant and kept us all motivated. She called out the instructions and did every step with us while also making us laugh to get us through the pain!

As well as the tough leg exercises we also did some ab work, which was really tough but really good!

This is a great class to keep us ladies fit and keep us toned (but beware it is hard work!) I would also recommend this class for men too though. There wasn't any fellas in my class but I think it would be great for men because it really focuses on building up strength in the legs and abs (which every man wants!)

So all in all a great class but a tough workout!

Final day Friday and we’re all doing Ab Attack...god help us!! Haha

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