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Kelly's First Blog

Night before I start.....
Hi my names Kelly Payne. I live in Cleveleys and have 3 children, all of which are at school full time allowing me to take part and give the fit club 100%.
I previously lost 5 stone and since an operation back in February and my mum dying of cancer I have put 2 Stone back on and want to lose it again. I know I can do it and for the next 3 weeks will be taking part in classes, going to the gym and attending many of the YMCA's across the Fylde.  

I hope you follow me through the next three weeks to see my progress and hopefully I will be a lot fitter after Week 3.
Well now its Sunday night, just got my gym clothes out ready for the Morning and going to get a early night.  Tomorrow morning I'm meeting my personal instructor at Thornton YMCA after dropping my 3 children at school. I'm very excited but dreading how unfit I will be in front of him LOL.  That's what I'm most nervous of....how red faced and sweaty I will look but it will be worth it I'm sure. 

Overall....very excited.
Kelly Payne

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