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Kelly's Second Blog

Been to a class at Thornton today. It was a great experience! I got there and knew the instructor called Caroline. She was praising me for getting back into fitness instead of letting more weight pile back on which gave me a great boost. She said at the start of the class it was low impact but you would still burn calories....boy did I! LOL. I was sweating the whole way through and even though it was a low impact class with weights I definitely still got a good work out session. It's made me want a healthy lunch and I feel like I'm on the ball now.  

Just been looking at pictures of myself, getting upset but I know I can do this. It's a great team at the YMCA, all understanding, and well I'm not going to get disheartened too much as this time in a few weeks the pounds will be dropping off.  I have a session booked in with Craig tomorrow morning then going to try Saturday step at 4.00 pm which is fantastic a class on a weekend day which isn't in the morning, allowing time for hangover to go.......... so no excuses not to go.  Wish me luck! 

Kel x
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