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Steve Bradshaw


My name is Steve Bradshaw (Bradders) I co-present Hits And Goals, the weekly sports show on Radio Wave

As a very young boy of 8, sport and fitness became an integral part of my life and still is.

Started by playing in a Cubs cup final and, come rain or shine summer or winter, my uncle took me walking in the lake district. As I grew, watching as well as playing sport consumed my life, and, self-taught, got into playing tennis beating, as an un-seeded player, the NO. 1 seed.

I continued playing sport and when my regular tennis partner gave up tennis for golf, for which I didn't think I had time for, took up running!! My running gradually built up and have to date, completed 5 London marathons, and I’ve taken up golf!!

You will note by now there has been no mention of the dreaded Gym, having done, with a few exceptions, all my sport outdoors. I’m scared of all those machine's, and taking instruction , (I’m my own boss whilst running) but, feel I need a new fitness challenge to start in 2013. Please treat me gently!!!

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