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Friday 11a.m

Weights  Aerobics, me and 20 ladies! Going to strangle Kyle! Didn't even know what I’d  let myself in for till I arrived!

Now my co-ordination is NOT great at the the best of times, so in the warm up, when I should have been going forward and left I was going backward and right! Nearly ended up kicking someone up the backside (accidently!) The workout was extremely demanding for me having not done anything similar but with the strains of "one night in heaven” pumping out it was easy to get into it..

Arms, body and legs all given a pummelling. Dropped a weight behind my head at one point....fortunately no one was behind me!!

Aching limbs, but good fun, really enjoyed it, week three to come!!! 


P.S. MUST remember to wear sports bra next time for such activities!!


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