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Steve's Final Blog


After the extremely hard Abs workout class we all got together for a ‘end of boot camp’ de-brief,  again not what I thought, so after I put my briefs back on we evaluated our three week Y:Active sessions….

For me, I thought the variety of what was on offer to the Fylde Coast was outstanding, and I must admit as a male of the species (subject to confirmation) I would not have gone to most of the classes Emma and Kyle booked me in for!!  These are really strong classes with a great work out ethic which lads,  you dismiss at your loss, try them and see! Body Pumping and Ab attack would be two to try for starters lads!!

The classes are run very professionally with an in-built fun element and because you are doing it altogether the time just flies by!

Our Radio Wave winner Alan deserves a lot of praise for throwing himself at the mercy of the classes and, off his own back, has managed to lose over a stone in three weeks! CONGRATULATIONS from us all here Radio Wave!

 For me too I  have seen a significant improvement in my all round fitness, thanks to all the many instuctors who made me feel most welcome. I cannot say enough about the friendliness of the staff involved in my programme and YMCA for giving me this opportunity

 And (Breaking News) I'm going to keep it up!! Hope to see you soon! You have been warned!!