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Steve's First Blog

Mon, arrived all excited about what delights lay in store for this new challenge for me in 2013…. Met Bryce who inducted me on gym equipment whilst Kyle kept taking pics of me just when I didn’t want him to….

I mentioned to Bryce that as I did a little bit of running anything other than leg work would be a good workout for me....BIG MISTAKE!! He introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had! Boy that was hard work, but no pain no gain, and by the end of the hour I'd had an enjoyable experience.

Bryce and I evaluated the workout and a programme for me to work to would be ready for my Wednesday session.

Still aching from Monday session I arrived Wednesday thinking 'please treat me very gently.' Some hope! Bryce was not on so British weight lifting entrant Dan took me under his wing. Looking at the programme Dan commented that he was going to make me work this session, already still hurting from Monday I had  a really good confident session ending in weights....something I thought I would never do.

Tai chi (whatever that is!) awaits me Friday....HELP!