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Week three: Fri at Thornton…….

This started with a bit of a catsafterme!!! … Now I thought the Abba attack class started at 9.30 so when I arrived at 9.20, there was only ten minutes left of the class, whoops… (that’s my excuse and I'm stuck with it), BUT surprise surprise, there were other ‘male of the species’ there!!

A first for me! I’d forgotten what they looked like!!

The ten minutes I did do led me to assume that the previous twenty would have led to some suffering  in my abdomen area. Controlling a massive ball wasn't as easy as it looked. I do apologise to the lady behind, unexpected bouncing ball heading her way certainly heightened her senses!  Might have been Helen come to think of it......in which case serves you right for volunteering me for this class!

I can imagine a half hour each week of Abs would soon get rid of any December excesses!! Sorry Joanne will be on time next time (Jan 2014!)

Being a bit late for the above class made me determined to put matters right so I hit the gym, 20 mins cross-trainer then 10 mins running a few weights. Got a bit ‘of a sweat on’ ready for Aerobics (with weights and Alison). The ladies seemed genuinely pleased to see me....made a return to last week's ‘scene of the crime’ as it took the pressure off them! All eyes on me to see what ‘cock up’ I would make this week!

I must say, and sorry to disappoint, my co-ordination was a lot better this week. There was, however, a near miss when I nearly kicked one lady up the rear, but I gave it my best shot and it really was a worthwhile workout! 'One Night In Heaven' it wasn't !! 

If you want to make a difference to YOU, Alison's your gal!!

Thanks for putting up with me!!!



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