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Week three: Thur …..

 Apart from Tuesday when I went for a six mile run and Wednesday when I went for a swim (with arm bands), thanks to YMCA I've ‘had it’ everyday this week!!

Arrived in St Annes for what I thought was going to be a circuit of my programme with Dan Dan the Weight lifting man, only to be told he had been double booked and would I mind joining in the Body Pumping Class…… I foolishly agreed to give it a bash, thinking that the term body pumping was going to involve the release of access ‘wind ‘ from the body....at last something I was good at I thought!!! 

Oh boy,  I could not have been more wrong! When I walked into the room there were all sorts of torture equipment waiting to inflict much pain and suffering on my poor body!!! First off a 10 Minute circuit of weight lifting (me + weight lifting......I'm only nine and a half stone dripping wet!) press ups and jumping on-and-off a tower of boxes (there might be a more technical term for this!!)

The two ladies who were also in this class put me to shame as they were giving it plenty!!

Planks were a tad tough and a shaking experience ran right the way through my body!! Press ups and planks then another 10 Minutes circuit ensued, after which oxygen was required!

A good indicator as to whether the session has been beneficial is the following morning when I tried getting out of bed, I was stiff all over! Thanks Dan! I will remember this for quite a while to come especially physically!!!

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