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Week three….

Monday….Peeped out of my bedroom window at 6.45 to see a blanket of snow! Back to bed for half an hour ..surely  Fit Club in Fleetwood would be cancelled…Not a sniff… ,got a text of Kyle basically saying … Bradders get your backside down here for 10 , BODY CONDITIONING class is definitely on!!! Oh goody I thought…

I'm glad I made the effort because the lady who ran the glass was brill, Caroline ensured everyone was involved in the activities which included, a 10 min warm up , then stretching almost every muscle in my body, ouch, I found I had muscles in places , I didn't know I had places!!…then came the dreaded call.. get your weights out girls, (yes once again Bradders the only male of the species in action !) I only had small ones, didn't want to out do the girls, besides could only manage small ones (weights!!)

Then on to the floor for a series of challenging mat exercises once again talked through by Caroline who ensured everyone got the most out of the class.

Because of the varying exercises, the hour just seemed to fly by and I was rewarded by having a good enjoyable workout, not quite sure why men don’t frequent these classes but I found them a  good fun way of exercise.(if you class me as a man!) Come on lads, give it a bash!

Combined with an alcohol-free Jan (unless colleagues at work ply with drink at Fridays party, like they did at Christmas party!) and a reasonable diet, this experience has been great!

Next stop for me, Gym Thursday with Mr Universe (Dan) he will make me have it !!



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