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Will Wood


My Name is Will Wood I am 33 years old Married with a 16 month old daughter.

I live in Manchester and work in Blackpool so live a very hectic lifestyle.

As a result I have stopped playing tennis, football and going to the gym regularly .

I am excited to be part of the Radio Wave Fit Club for 2 reasons:

  1. Between the ages of 5 and 16 I spent 4 days a week playing football or badminton either at the YMCA in St. Annes or for them. I even had a spent a number of my Birthday Parties at the YMCA playing football and having a disco. The YMCA was such a big part of my life, it gave me confidence, it is where I formed a lot of friends. As I have recently started working in the Fylde Coast I am looking forward to seeing the transformation at St. Annes especially. I remember Harry Richards and have heard the is now a children’s play area named after him where I can take my daughter along with a crèche which will allow me to exercise with peace of mind. I have also not been back to the YMCA Swimming Baths in St. Annes since I went there with my Heyhouses School classmates many years ago. I am also looking forward to catching up with some old friends and mentors I made who still work for the YMCA some 20 years on such as Lozz Rose and Dave Lean

  2. Like many other busy parents I know I need to get fitter. Since I have stopped exercising I have gone up a jean size and am keen to get back into all my clothes asap after the Christmas Holidays. I also want to feel healthier in general which will give me more energy and I know the YMCA will be the best place for me to achieve my goals as I do not enjoy training in gyms on my own as I find it dull. I need a training plan, varied training regimes and a relaxed friendly environment incorporated social sports.

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