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On Thursday I attended the Advanced Swim Fit class at Fleetwood. There is a definite lesson to be learnt here. When you are not a great swimmer opt for the beginners class instead and ignore the ego that says you are fairly fit you can do advanced classes; you could even say I was "totally out of my depth”.  With the aid of the YMCA staff I managed to do 20 minutes of the workout as they helpfully lent me some goggles. I then stayed to watch the rest of the class. It is an exceptionally good work out without putting strain on your muscles, just make sure you attend the correct class for your ability.

On Monday I found myself staring at one of the biggest tyres I had ever seen in the middle of the sports hall in Thornton, wondering what I had walked into?

It turned out to be a completely new slant on circuit training using real life objects such as the huge tyre, rope and more as shown in the attached video. I have to say I really enjoyed myself as it was so different. As we worked in pairs doing short drills it gave me the extra motivation I often need to push myself. Olly the instructor has informed me that the objects used change each week along with the work so I am curious how is going to incorporate a parachute into the next class.

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