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Will's First Blog

On Monday Evening I went to the St. Annes YMCA for the first time for 17 years.

I was amazed to see how it has transformed from a wooden floored sports hall to a modern fully equipped gym housed in a state of the art building with a large car park. Peter’s snack counter has been replaced by a large open plan café and the multi -purpose hall where I had a disco after my football party on my 8th Birthday is now Harry’s nursery in memory of Harry Richards.

Although the venue has changed beyond all recognition they have managed to retain the same friendly atmosphere. This could be because some of the people have not changed, amazingly I met Dave and Jason who actually helped run the centre when I was last there some 17 years ago.

Bryce Foden (one of the fitness team) patiently designed a bespoke personal fitness programme for me after spending the time to assess my needs and goals. Bryce identified a need for me to lose about 1 stone in weight and address my chronic lack of flexibility.

I am now focused on losing weight, toning up and being able to touch my toes by the end of the Radio Wave Fit Club thanks to the programme Bryce has designed for me. It is going to be a tough challenge but I am confident that with the help of the staff at the YMCA I can do it!

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