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Will's Personal Fitness Programme

I went to the St. Annes YMCA’s gym to complete my personal fitness programme that one of the gym instructors (Bryce) had designed for me last week.

As you can see the programme is very specific to my needs which gives me great motivation. I know that if I stick to my programme I will improve my tone, lose some weight and increase my flexibility.

Despite being a member of various gyms for 20 years I had never had a personal fitness programme designed for me before, so I was surprised to hear that each YMCA member can have a tailored fitness programme done for themselves as part of their membership.

It is really nice to have a plan and focus when entering the gym.

I found the session last night worked all the planned muscles and afterwards I was out of breadth and with muscles aching just  the right amount so I knew I had done a good workout without being exhausted.


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