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I went to a Box it class at St. Annes YMCA by Dan.

Having never been to Box it before it did not know what to expect.

In fact when I arrived to see 12 individual exercise stations set out across the room including various types of punch bags mats and weights I wandered what I had let myself in for.

I soon paired up a buddy and threw myself in to each exercise with the support and encouragement from my buddy and instructor Dan.

Half way through the session after completing all of the 12 stations the below video was recorded:

Box-it at St Annes YMCA with Radio Wave's Will Wood in action! from Fylde Coast YMCA on Vimeo.

 The class seemed to fly by and although I was totally exhausted at the end I really enjoyed the (much needed) work out.

I would definitely recommend the class to anybody.

You can train as hard as you want with the encouragement of other members (which certainly spurred me on) and have fun doing it.

Will (Radio Wave) speaks to Dan about Box-It. from Fylde Coast YMCA on Vimeo.

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