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Radio Wave does Stoptober!

Welcome to Stoptober!

During October, thousands of people across the UK will be trying to kick the smoking habit once and for all. It's the biggest push to give up smoking for years, and this could be YOUR time to finally say farewell to smoking.

Here at Radio Wave, we want to do our bit for Stoptober. However, none of our presenters smoke! Hayley managed to kick the habit 8 years ago so completely understands what is ahead and we wish everyone good luck!

To show our support, all the team has vowed to give up something in Stoptober to help improve our health.

Ged Mills

"I'm giving up chocolate. My weakness is a tasty Lion Bar and I can regularly be found at the station's vending machine or filling the studio bin with wrappers - this month, I'm supporting Stoptober and I promiseto avoid the chocolate and look for a healthier snack.

Hayley Kay

"Good luck to everyone giving up smoking during Stoptober! I said goodbye to smoking in 2004 and know how difficult it can be but with support you can do it!

I gave up chips for Lent once and that was hard but to show my support for Stoptober I'm going to stay away from crisps!.


Can our Breakfast Team get through the month without their naughty snacks? Willpower required!

Roy Lynch

"For Stoptober I'm going to give up bread. I'm more than partial to a nice big white bloomer sandwich and lots of toast for breakfast and even a late night snack, but for Stoptober the bread bin stays empty!

Ian Shepherd

"I think Stoptober is a brilliant idea and I wish everyone the best of luck... To show my support, I not going to have a curry during Stoptober. It might not sound much... but I love curry! My weakness is a tasty beef madras – but not in Stoptober!

You can track all our presenters progress on their shows throughout the month, as there will no doubt be hijinx and efforts to make each other crack.

If you are giving up smoking this month, good luck. This website may be useful.

Let us know how it goes!!

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