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5am bid by Fleetwood Subway

A recently-opened hot food outlet on Fleetwood high street is hoping to offer refreshments until 5am for seven days a week.

But although neither the police nor residents oppose the move, an objection has been lodged, citing fears over public nuisance.
The Subway branch on Lord Street has applied to Wyre’s licensing committee for a new premises licence to enable staff to serve food later than the current time of 11pm.
Applicants Quick Serve Ltd want to be able to extend the current arrangement so it would include the hours from 11pm up to 5am each day.
The objection has been lodged by Wyre’s environmental health officer, who says he would not object if the hours sought were reduced to 3am, in line with other late night refreshment authorisations in the area.
However, Quick Serve are unwilling to agree to this – so the matter will have to be determined by the licensing committee this Thursday
In a report to licensing, the officer said: “I have spoken to the representative of the client and made it clear that there is a significant likelihood for the proposed hours to negatively affect nearby residents on Lord Street and London Street.
“Alternative operating hours have been proposed, from 11pm to 3am.
“I have been informed that his client objects to these alterations.
“As such I wish to object to this application as it currently stands.”
Quick serve’s legal representative Malcolm Ireland said of the applicant: “He does not wish to accept the hours being restricted to 0300 hours and I have had to advise him that I can see no legal basis for him doing so.”
Quick Serve Ltd registered Subway with Wyre’s environmental health as a new food business in November 2018.
The building was previously a betting shop and currently has A2 betting shop use permitted under planning regulations.
The premises do not appear to have any current planning restrictions on the hours of operation.

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