April Fool's warning from Blackpool Police over hoax calls

They say lives are being put at risk and urge families to keep an eye out on their children.

It's April Fools day, and many of us will play kind-hearted tricks on friends in the hope that they believe a false tale, for a short time, but for the police, hoax phone calls are nothing to laugh about.

Police on the Fylde Coast are asking people to think twice before trying to 'fool' them.

They say that your life, or the life of someone you care about, could be put at risk by making a hoax call. 

A Spokesperson for  Blackpool Police said:

"There has been a few calls made recently to the police that have been hoax calls, these calls have been made through telephone kiosks.

As all phone calls to the emergency services are recorded the calls have been listened to and it would seem that the calls have been made by children."

"Hoax calls can put people’s lives in danger by diverting resources away from genuine emergencies and can delay responses attending serious or life threatening emergency calls, placing an additional strain on the emergency services."

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