Baines School consult over Sixth Form closure plans

Baines School in Poulton are consulting over plans to close their Sixth Form.

The proposal would see the school on Highcross Road stop post 16 education from September, 2019.

The school blame changes to the way sixth form places are funded and said pupils currently in Years 12 and 13 wouldn't be affected.

Pupils currently in Year 11 or below will be supported in the range of options available to them. 

In a statement, Robert Fletcher, Chair of Governors of Baines School, said: ''It is proposed that the school will permanently lower its age range from 11-18 years to 11-
16 years with effect from 31st August 2019, through the closure of the Sixth Form.

''The proposal arises because of concerns about the financial viability of the sixth form and the school's need to deliver a financial recovery plan in order to bring the school into surplus by the end of the financial year 2019/20. The Local Authority will need to decide whether to implement the proposal before 19th March 2018, otherwise it must be referred to the Adjudicator for a final decision.''

Any person may object to or make comments on the proposal by posting them to Sarah Hirst, Learning and Skills Service, Room C27, PO Box 100, County Hall, Preston, PR1 0LD. Responses can also be emailed to sarah.hirst@lancashire.gov.uk . To be considered as part of the decision making process to determine the proposal, responses must be received no later than 4pm on Friday 19th January 2018.

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