Blackpool Council to clamp down on unlicensed charity collectors and street pedlars

Deputy Leader of Blackpool Council - Gillian Campbell

Blackpool council have extended their current Public Space Protection Order to stop 'anti-social behaviour in the town.

The councils main concerns are unlicensed charity collectors, street pedlars and street performers.

Here's the full the report the council has signed off on:

1.0 Purpose of the report:

1.1 To determine whether the current Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) should be:

a) Extended in duration for 3 more years.

b) Extended to cover a larger area (see map at Appendix 2a).

c) Amended by way of word changes to existing prohibitions particularly to strengthen powers and ensure suitable enforcement around begging.

d) Amended to introduce other offences involving:

a) Pedlars using and displaying goods on inappropriate sized trollies

b) Glass products being used and discarded on the beach

c) Street Performers causing nuisance and/or obstruction

d) Unauthorised charity collections and awareness campaigns.

2.0 Recommendation(s):

To approve the amended Public Space Protection Order for the Town Centre attached at Appendix 2b for a period of three years starting from the 10 November 2018.

Subject to approval of 2.1, to delegate to the Head of Legal to seal and advertise the order.

3.0 Reasons for recommendation(s):

3.1 The current Public Space Protection Order; implemented in 2015 has been a useful addition to the powers available to the Council in its endeavours to reduce the effects of anti-social behaviour that has a direct impact on the tourist economy and the businesses of the town’s traders.

A key issue identified in the operation of the existing Public Space Protection Order, both informally by responsible authorities and Councillors and within the formal consultation has been the issue of problematic and anti-social behaviour begging in the town centre and amendments are proposed to ensure this developing issue can be effectively addressed.

The proposed amendments have been supported by Council officers involved in enforcement and prosecutions. The amendments have also been supported by the consultation.

Acceptance of the extended Public Space Protection Order would ensure that Blackpool continues to be protected by the Public Space Protection Order as originally adopted, however this would have further weight as it incorporates the additional prohibitions. It is considered reasonable and proportionate and meets the requirements for such orders set out in 5.3.

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