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Blackpool fans to march to Bloomfield Road

Thousands are expected to gather on the Comedy Carpet before the Southend Utd game tomorrow

When Bloomfield Road opens its doors on Saturday, in excess of 14,000 Blackpool fans will welcome a new dawn for the seaside town that has its team back.

More than 14,000 fans are expecting to witness Blackpool Football Club's first home game following a boycott of over 4 years.

The boycott began in the final game of the 2014/15 season, when they were in the championship.

Protesting fans invaded the pitch and forced the last game against Huddersfield to be abandoned.

Since then, the fans exercised the only power they possessed and swore not to give a penny more to the owner of the club Owen Oyston.

The atmosphere at Blackpool in the years since, has been nothing short of toxic, with the owners suing fans for online comments, epitomising the feeling between the club and it's fans.

Valeri Belekon brought court rulings  to the owners in November 2017.

It found the Oyston's had "illegitimately stripped" £26.77m from the club. 

Following a legal battle stretching a number of years a court ruling earlier this year decided that the club should be placed into receivership.

The receiver, Paul Cooper was quick to remove both Owen Oyston and his daughter Natalie Christopher from the board of directors and brought in his own staff.

This move has prompted fans to revoke their not a penny more campaign and will now return to support their team.

Since then fans have been in Bloomfield road in an effort to clean up the seats as they've mostly been unused for more than 4 years.



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