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Blackpool's 'Lookalike' thief jailed

36 year old Abdulah Husseini was found guilty of theft and admitted carrying a knife.

Husseini's image went viral as people thought he looked like Friends character Ross Geller.

Blackpool police were interested in talking to him following a theft at Mr. Basrai's restaurant on Talbot Road, where a phone, jacket and wallet were taken.

Attempts were made to pay for items on a credit card inside the stolen wallet.

The appeal went viral after being initially posted by Blackpool Police.

American actor David Schwimmer even got involved, creating a video and claiming his innocence.

Husseini was tracked down in Slough were he lives and summoned to Blackpool Magistrates.

He failed to attend his court hearing and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

He was arrested by Met Police in London and has appeared in court in Wimbledon.

He was found guilty of a separate theft of £156 worth of deodorant and admitted carrying a knife.

Husseini has been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison.


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