Bungee jumping coming to Blackpool pier?

Bungee's catapults and sports equipment are in, the use of live animals is out.

Activities such as bungee jumping are set to get permission to be held on Blackpool seafront this summer.

The council is aiming to grant a licence for a leisure operator to hold events on part of Central Promenade on the west side of the tram tracks.

Whoever secures the licence will be able to use an allocated space between April and November this year and next year, which is close to but separate from the Tower Headland and the Comedy Carpet.

Details of the concession say the area could be used for sports equipment, bungee catapults etc, but not inflatables or food outlets. 

The use of live animals will also not be permitted.

Trading will be allowed seven days a week, between 8am and 8pm, and if it proves successful, the council would have the option to extend the licence for a further two summer seasons.

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