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Court for rude illuminations man

A man was so fed-up over Brexit that it landed him in court.

Steven McGawley put up lights across the front of his home which spelled out a rude word, magistrates heard today.
Mc Gawley’s version of the town’s famous Illuminations saw him plead guilty to  displaying an abusive sign which was likely to cause harassment,alarm or distress.
He was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £20 victim surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.
Presiding magistrate Jeffrey Warburton told McGawley (45) of Rodwell  Walk,Blackpool:”While I think a lot of people are sick to death of Brexit and talk about it you must accept that some people would find a word like that offensive.
There were also  a lights display on the property  which prosecutor Pam Smith described as “ someone squatting down and doing a poo.”Those lights had a rude word under them.
The head-teacher of nearby Layton Primary School which has 360 pupils said her pupils  could see the sign from the school which was not acceptable.
Police went to see McGawley as a result of her complaint  and he told officers he had put up the signs as a bit of fun.
Hugh Pond,defending, said:” My client got sick and tired of people talking about Brexit and that is why he did it.”
“It was joke-perhaps in bad taste- and is sorry if he offended anyone.One would have to be fairly sensitive to be  alarmed or distressed over it.He took the lights down after police spoke to him.”

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