Blackpool thief and David Schwimmer 'lookalike' jailed for 9 months

An appeal from the police to identify the man gained 11m shares and 30k comments.

36 year old Abdullah Husseini's image went viral last year after a CCTV image picked up by police on a shop camera bore a striking resemblance to Friends character Ross Gellar, played by American actor David Schwimmer.

The appeal by Blackpool police got more than 11 million shares and 30,000 comments.

Schwimmer responded with a video on Twitter and Instagram in which the star was seen furtively glancing at a camera as he walked through a convenience store clutching cans of beer saying 'it wasn't me.'

Hussein, used a stolen bank card to make or attempt to make fraudulent purchases in Blackpool.

He made two purchases at nearby stores using a card from the wallet before CCTV showed him carrying cans of beers to the till at an Iceland store, the court heard.

Husseini has 32 previous convictions for 60 offences since 2008, including 27 offences for theft and dishonesty.

He was jailed for nine months at Burnley Crown Court Yesterday (Thursday)

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