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Demand for sexual abuse support service

Demand for a service which supports victims of offences such as domestic and sexual violence and modern slavery is growing in Wyre.

And the majority of those in need of the service in the borough are women from a ‘white British’ background.
The Lancashire Victims Service was commissioned in 2017 and set up with support from the county police service, district councils and Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office.
Statistics have now been made public in a new report prepared by Wyre Council officers for Coun Roger Berry, the neighbourhood services and community portfolio holder.
The report states: “Between April 2018 and the end of November 2018, the service received 858 Wyre referrals from a variety of agencies.
“As you would expect the vast majority of these referrals were made by the police and during this period they referred 513 cases to the service.
“Of the 858 cases which were referred into the service 260 cases were rejected.
“The main reason for a case being rejected were that either a safe phone contact was not provided, it was a duplicate case or the individual denied consent to be contacted.
“Of the remaining 598 referrals the vast majority of the victims in Wyre were identified as White British.”
The most affected age group were those aged between 25 and 34 and the majority of victims were female.
Some 50% of the cases accepted by the service engaged with them, 18% of these were provided with immediate
support only and 32% have been provided with ongoing support.
The report continued: “It is worth noting that in 2017/18 the service received 872 referrals between April 2017 and the end of March 2018, indicating that it will almost certainly be the case that the total number of cases referred for the current year will exceed last year’s figures.
“In addition during 2017/18, 43 per cent of the cases engaged with the service as opposed to 50 per cent this year, indicating that the demand for the service is increasing.”
Demand for the service across Lancashire is also growing, according to the service itself.
Since April last year, almost 54,000 victims of crime have been offered support by Lancashire Victim Services – more than ever before.

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