Lifeboat crews in major rescue at Cleveleys

Lifeboat crews from Fleetwood, Lytham and Blackpool were all involved in a major rescue operation of a person who had entered the sea in Cleveleys last night.

They were called to the stretch near the Venue ar around 8.15pm, negotiating with the person before successfully assisting them from the water.

In a statement HM Coastguard Fleetwood said: ''The team was paged this evening to support Lancashire Police following reports of a distressed person who was refusing to come out of the water.

''On arrival at the scene, it was quickly obvious that the person was not willing to negotiate and move into a safe area.

''Two Coastguard Rescue Officers quickly donned Dry Suits and PFD’s (personal flotation devices) and prepared to enter the water should events take a turn for the worse.

''Our flank team HM Coastguard Lytham also attended the scene to assist while we waited for RNLI Blackpool to reach the scene with both ILB’s to provide safety cover.

''Once all resources were in position, the two CRO’s (one from Lytham and one from Fleetwood) entered the water and engaged in further discussions with the person while RNLi Crews also approached the casualty from behind.

''Despite a prolonged discussions with Police and Coastguard, it was decided to assist the casualty out of the water and into the care of the police, who escorted them into a warm, waiting ambulance from North West Ambulance Service.

''It was a great result with a successful outcome for all concerned showing excellent team working. Many thanks to all agencies including our CG Operations Centre In Holyhead for the support during this prolonged incident.''

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