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More roadworks in Blackpool next week

It comes as part of the councils 'Bispham Village Upgrade.'

The roads that will be closed between monday and Friday (11th - 15th) are:

  • Red Bank Road between Devonshire Road and Ingthorpe Avenue
  • Ingthorpe Avenue at the junction of All Hallows Road
  • All Hallows Road between Ingthorpe Avenue and the car park exit

The council say that as part of their local transport plan, they're upgrading the main Bispham Village shopping area, to create a better experience.

The hope is it to:

  • Make it easier to cross the road by introducing raised crossing points and narrow points in the road
  • Reduce the speed limit, from 30mph to 20mph
  • Repave and resurface the footpaths and roads
  • Build new bus shelters, benches, planting, bins, bollards and more
  • Keep the same amount of free parking spaces

Bus stops and taxi ranks will remain.

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