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Mum called Police over bathwater

A Blackpool woman rang police because she was fed up  filling her bath with a kettle a court heard.

Fifty four year old Jane Smith plagues the police and the ambulance service with bizarre pleas for their help.
She asked for help because she was worried about her cat’s behaviour and asked officers to attend her flat in Withnell Road,Blackpool to help her fill out forms.
She used the emergency “999” service to make the calls magistrates in the Lancashire resort were told today.
Smith admitted breaching a a Criminal Behaviour Order forbidding her to make such calls unless it was a real emergency situation.The order had been put in place in 2017 for making similar nuisance calls including asking police to assist her because her mattress was uncomfortable.
The court heard that Smith was having problems with her then landlord and was about to move into a new flat.
Her lawyer Kathryn Jamieson-Sinclair said:”Alcohol has sometimes had a role in her making these calls.She has now been alcohol free for over a month and has been taking the advice of the probation service.”
Magistrates ruled the Criminal Behaviour Order must stay in place and made her subject of a  12 month community order with  ten days rehabilitation and was fined  £50 and must pay £85 costs.

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