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No need for extra taxis in Wyre

The number of taxis in Wyre is meeting the level of demand and does not need to be increased, a survey has revealed.

But the study highlighted that fewer taxis available in the early hours of Sunday morning, particularly in Poulton, was becoming an issue.
It also noted a “significant reduction” in the number of vehicles in the borough able to accommodate wheelchairs users.
Councillors are due to hear details of the latest ‘Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand’ survey  at  this week’s Wyre licensing meeting  and if necessary act on its findings.
A new report from the LVSA (Licensed Vehicles Survey and Assessment) is produced every three years and once again highlighted London Street in Fleetwood, Cleveleys’ Regal Hotel and Nutter Road as well as Ball Street in Poulton as the biggest hot spots for street taxis in Wyre.
The conclusion from the latest one is that “there is no significant unmet demand” in the borough, meaning that the number of hackney carriage licences issued by the council currently meets the demand of customers and does not need to be increased.
Wyre has restricted the number of hackney carriage licences in the borough to 160 since 1974 and has not needed to change it in the last 45 years.
However, the survey did recommend that some kind of action may be needed to increase levels of vehicle activity in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The report stated on the use of taxi ranks: “People have increased their phone usage of licensed vehicles but are still very confident to wait at a wide range of ranks knowing a vehicle will arrive perhaps more quickly than if they phone.
“However, there is a clear issue that demand, particularly in the early hours of Sunday morning is suffering from less drivers being willing to service these hours.
“This issue needs to be resolved and if not addressed could lead to observed unmet demand becoming significant before the next survey was undertaken.”
The report also observed: “There has been a significant reduction in the level of wheelchair accessible vehicles, which has historically been at a low level, but is now at the lowest level ever, just 3 per cent of the fleet.”

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