"Only rain down the drain" call

A campaign for cleaner beaches and seas in North West England, is calling for residents in the region to support the #RainDownTheDrain promotion this month.

It is a common misconception that liquids, such as paints or detergents, can be safely poured down outdoor drains. Most offenders are unaware that this has a negative affect on both the cleanliness of our waterways and the survival of domestic wildlife.
It is important to understand that outdoor drains operate very differently from those connected to people’s homes, with outdoor drains usually running directly to the nearest river or stream.
The drains which are connected within the home carry dirty waste water, typically to the waste water treatment works, where intelligent processes are applied until the water is clean again and can be safely released into the natural environment.
In contrast, outdoor drains are designed to carry rainwater ONLY. As the water is 100% natural rainwater there is no requirement to send it for processing with the dirty water that comes from our homes instead it travels directly into our rivers and seas. If pollutants such as engine oil, cooking oil, paints, chemical wastes, and detergents are poured down outdoor drains these too will travel directly into our rivers, streams and eventually our seas without processing.
"Love My Beach" is asking residents from across the North West to take unwanted liquids to the nearest household recycling centre to be disposed of safely and to remember that street drains are designed for #RainDownTheDrain only.

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