Parking charges frozen

Parking charges in Blackpool are being frozen for the third year in a row in order to support businesses in the resort.

It means drivers will continue to pay £2.50 at on-street parking meters for a maximum ninety minute stay, while a three hour stay in a car park will range from £2 to £5.
There will also be no changes to the cost of parking permits and the council retains powers to introduce special rates such as in the run-up to Christmas when discounts are tradionally offered to boost trade.
The last time charges were revised was in 2017.
A council report says: “Car parking is very price sensitive and any increase in tariffs can be quickly outweighed by a fall in patronage or by people choosing to stay for shorter periods, which has an associate impact on the viability of the town centre and especially visitor attractions.”
Michael Williams, chairman of the Blackpool business improvement district, welcomed the move.
He said: “On behalf of the BID board and its members I am pleased the council has decided once again to freeze car parking charges.
“Whilst I appreciate that for many people car parking charges are an emotive subject, I believe the council has done the right thing in not raising charges and hopefully this will encourage shoppers and visitors to visit the town centre.”
Parking services in Blackpool raised £3.8m in profit in 2018/19 – the highest profit since records began 10 years ago – according to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government data revealed last year.
Revenue raised from car parks added up to £2.8m, with the rest coming from on-street parking.
The council says it uses the revenue to improve services including investment in roads and other infrastructure.

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