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Police in Wyre educate kids about the dangers of 'sexting'

Credit: NSPCC

They've recently shared an NSPCC video that tells the story of Alex, who quickly finds that things can get out of hand.

Police across the Fylde Coast have been active in educating our children about the importance of staying safe online.

PC Claire Van Duers Goss from Blackpool Police was commended for her work on 'Operation Safety Net.'

Officers visited schools in the area to teach them the do's and don'ts of online behaviour.

She said:

“I think it’s really important to capture children at this age, before they go high school, to chat to them about some of the dangers posed by the online world.

"We want to support children to use the internet safely and to let them know what they should do if they are exposed to something which makes them feel upset, worried or unsafe."

Wyre police are now following suit and have shared the following powerful message that you may want to share with your kids.

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