Warnings over fuel thefts in Fleetwood & Thornton

Police in Fleetwood and Thornton are investigating after a number of cars had petrol stolen from them.

They say thieves are drilling holes in the the vehicles to drain the fuel.

Now they're urging people affected to report the crime so police can build up a pattern of where the thieves are targetting.

A spokesperson for the Fleetwood and Thornton Neighbourhood Policing Teams, said: ''We have had recent reports from residents of Fleetwood and Thornton of fuel being taken from vehicles overnight.

''The offender(s) are drilling holes into vehicles in order to drain the fuel. We have had a number of reports however, from speaking to victims there are many more who have not reported anything to us. 

''If you have also had the fuel stolen from your vehicle in this way then please contact us either by 101 or online. This enables us to gain a better idea of where these crimes are happening and therefore a better opportunity for CCTV of the offender(s).''

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