Stranger Things have released the full-length trailer

This time it's actually the real thing, not just a teaser - we actually have something to get excited for when season three returns later this year.

Not only have we got an excellent trailer to watch - soundtracked by a Stranger Things-edited version of classic 70's track 'Baba O'Riley' by The Who - but we also now know that the newest series will be available to stream on Netflix on 4th July 2019... Independence Day, going against the normal Halloween releases.

Thankfully, all of our fave characters seem to be returning - and the bromance between Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson is growing more and more wonderful as time goes on.

Not so happily, the creature who terrorised residents of Hawkins during the first two seasons of the show looks to be returning... But it wouldn't be Stranger Things without a starring role for the Demogorgon, now, would it?

The official synopsis for season three reads as follows, 'One Summer Can Change Everything. School is out, pool is open. Welcome to summer of ‘85 in Hawkins.'

Not much to go on, is it? Thankfully, the trailer gives us plenty of insight into what we can expect from the upcoming series, as well as the following sneak peek pictures, courtesy of Netflix.

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