Nothing says 'I love you' like an engagement ring from Poundland!

Poundland have released a range of engagement rings, which can be purchased for the bargain price of.... you guessed it.... £1!Poundland are selling four engagement rings ahead of Valentine’s Day

They are marketing the bands with the tag line "because we promise they'll want to choose their own".

And that's the beauty of it! It takes pressure off the man who doesn't trust his own taste, and the woman gets to choose the 'real deal' herself at a later date (not too much later).

But it does pose the question, does it take a little of the romanticism away?  Is an element of the proposal then lost?POUNDLAND RING CORRECT

The 'Bling Ring' range has been launched ahead of Valentine's Day, and Poundland says it believes the concept will catch on.

My personal opinion - Great idea! But the proposal had best be pretty special if I'm being presented with a plastic ring!

Stacey x

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