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Fri 24th May

Today was a hectic day - first of all we were picked up at 6am. I had a 20 min sleep in the taxi. When we got to the airport we checked in and went for breakfast. Then the time came to board the plane to Chicago. The plane was delayed and we had turbulence for the first 30 mins. I was bored and it seemed to take forever!!! To pass the time I played scrabble with Daddy and I won. When we got to Chicago we were here there and everywhere and even got lost at one point and almost missed our connecting flight - that would have been a disaster! Thankfully we made it to St Louis safely.

Mon 27th May

Only 4 days till the operation it is fast approaching so I am making the most of my time in St. Louis before I go into hospital. Today it was the science centre, I was so looking forward to it as I had been told it was really good. When we got there the first thing I did was play some science games - it was so much fun and I learnt so much! One of the best games was the African rope challenge. You had to get the ring from one side of the rope to the other but there was a knot in the middle. I couldn't do it because it was so challenging! When we got out of the centre the weather was awful so we went to an indoor shopping mall. I came across a Hello Kitty shop and I couldn't resist taking a look round, it was like heaven! I bought a few pens and a pencil case for when I start high school in September.


Wed 29th May

I can't believe it, I finally met Dr Park today. He was a really nice man and I felt very excited. First of all we had to watch a video about the sdr operation and what to expect, I found this very interesting and not one bit scary. Next we met Deanna Walters who co-ordinates all the SDR operations and she answered any questions we had. Then we met Dr Park, he did some exercises with me and gave me some new exercises to build up my calf muscles. He also said he fully expects me to walk unaided around the house and in some outdoor circumstances and for long distances sticks maybe needed. This made me really happy and excited about what the future may hold for me. And in 3 months I won't have to wear splints again woohoo. I will be able to buy pretty shoes for the first time ever - that will be awesome!


Thurs 30th May

Only one day to go to the big operation. I am so excited and thrilled that it is finally here. This morning we went to St Louis Children's Hospital to have physical therapy. Some of the things we did were tough, some were easy and some were in between. I was filmed whilst doing physio and it was like I was being tested. I really enjoyed the session it was a lot of fun but also hard work. I will love to see how much I improve after the operation. I will put in a lot of hard work, but it will all be worth it.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous or anxious about tomorrow - my answer is simple - "I'm really excited and looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life".



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