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Today's Highlights

Day 5

The final day of the 5 Day Breakfast and it ends with the news that over £10,000 has been raised.

Day 4

It all started on a beautiful day so why not present the show from the top of the Tower although Hayley took some time to walk on the glass. Throughout the day Hayley learnt her lines for her weekly challenge of being part of the Dungeons cast.

Day 3

The 3rd day at The Blackpool Tower for the 5 Day Breakfast and today is record breaking Wednesday, 12 record attempt and 1 was broken. Watch below as Ged beats the record for bursting balloons by sitting on them and see all the pics from the day.

Wave 965 - 5 Day Breakfast record breaking balloons on MUZU.TV.

Wave 965 - Record breaking pie throwing on MUZU.TV.

Day 2

After just 3 hours sleep Ged and Hayley spend their second day at The Blackpool Tower for the 5 Day Breakfast. Today they joined Mooky and Boo at the Tower Circus

Day 1

The first day of the 5 Day Breakfast at The Blackpool Tower and as Ged and Hayley settle into their new home the first challenge of the week is cup cake making.

Cover art for Sesame's Treat

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