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Meet Chloe...

Chloe is ten years old and lives in Fleetwood. She has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which results in her muscles being very tight.

This means that Chloe cant walk unaided and requires a walking frame for short distances and for long distances she has a wheelchair. Many day to day tasks such as dressing herself and toileting are either very difficult or impossible for her to do. Chloe often gets really tired as her body has to work so hard to do every little thing. Despite this she never complains about the physiotherapy and endless hospital appointments, not to mention the activities she misses out on due to being disabled. She is a beautiful little girl who loves learning, values her wonderful friends and is thriving in Shakespeare Primary School.

There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but Chloe has been offered the hope of a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotimy (SDR), carried out at St Louis Childrens Hospital in the USA. This operation followed by intensive physiotherapy could give Chloe the chance to walk unaided and greatly increase her independence and reducing the need for orthopaedic surgery in the future.

We are helping to raise enough money to take Chloe to St. Louis and contribute towards critical rehabilitation after she gets back.

Read more about Chloe here

All money is being raised through Tree of Hope Charity Registration No. 1149254

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