What it is? And Where it is?

Can you guess the sound?

Each weekday morning after 8am Hayley and Scott play a clip from a certain something on the Fylde Coast, but can you guess what it is and where it is?


Wrong Guesses

‘A digger at the new Talbot Gateway project’
‘Main gates at the Pleasure Beach’
‘The lift door at the top of The Blackpool Tower’ 'Guillotine in the Tower Dungeons'
'Hammerhead drill at the railway upgrade in Poulton''
Railway Crossing coming down at Carlton Crossing'
'Iron Bru at the Pleasure Beach'
'Tram coming to a stop on the Promenade'
'Shutters closing at Leonard Dews Blackpool town centre'
'Coin Machine at ASDA Blackpool'
'Tram Depot At Starr Gate'
'Ice Skater coming to a stop at the Pleasure Beach Arena'
'Chain at the top of The Big One when it releases the cart'
'Glass Blowing at Glassform'


Cover art for Broken Wings

On Air

Martin Emery playing Mr Mister - Broken Wings